DWJZ0007 Viking Crow Mouth Personality Stainless Steel Ring


Jewelry Material : Stainless Steel


MOQ : 12piece


1. Doesn’t find the color, size and effect you need
2. Different quantity with different unit price
3. Other colors need to be plated
4. Other designs need to be customized

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Viking Crow Skull Ring

The Crow Skull Ring is a fashionable ring made of stainless steel material. Its design inspiration comes from the intelligent and mysterious image of the crow.

The design of the Crow Ring is unique and exquisite, showcasing the perfect fusion between modern style and ancient mythology. The 316L stainless steel ring is meticulously carved with the skull of a crow, with vivid details, full of mystery and personal charm.

The design concept of the Crow Skull Ring is a symbol of courage, wisdom, and independence. It is not only a fashionable accessory, but also a way to express personal style and attitude. The combination of the durability of stainless steel material and design philosophy makes the Crow Ring a charming and meaningful ring.