Custom Jewelry

Custom Jewelry


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  • Custom & OEM company brand products
  • 16 years of jewelry making experience
  • Specially designed for jewelry brands
  • We have a strong production chain
  • 3D jewelry designer and hand engraver
  • Mass production of different styles of jewelry
  • Explore new product development together

Custom Silver Jewelry

As a leading jewelry manufacturer in China, producing customized silver jewelry requires skilled jewelry craftsmen to meticulously create every product to ensure that every customized work reflects the highest craftsmanship standards. We use our experience in jewelry design and manufacturing to customize jewelry according to your preferences

Jewelry Customization Process

Jewelry Manufacturing Services

Provide your ideas & sketches and related materials,
and we will provide you with a one-stop jewelry solution

Communication of jewelry ideas

Initial Ideas

Firstly, the initial creativity of a piece of jewelry comes from many aspects, and designers create simple sketches to document their initial ideas.

Jewelry Design Sketch

Design Drawings

Next, the designer will specify the size, color, material, and other specific details of the jewelry on the design drawings. These drawings take into account the production process to ensure smooth manufacturing.

3D Drawing Of Jewelry

3D Modeling

Designers utilize CAD software for 3D modeling after completing design drawings. This process helps them gain a deeper understanding of their designs and convert them into 3D printable files.

Jewelry Bronze Plate


Before production, designers use 3D printing technology to create prototypes. If the prototype needs to be modified, some small details can also be manually modified by the engraver.

Churinga Jewelry Wax Mold

Making Silicone Molds

After checking the details of the model, the silicone mold was used. Conduct mass production or sample production.

Churinga Jewelry Wax Tree

Inverted Sample Mold

After the wax model is completed, we will cast it into copper, silver, or stainless steel samples.

Sample Production

Sample polishing, inlaying, electroplating, quality inspection, packaging, and other steps. So it requires experienced masters to ensure the quality of the samples.

Stainless steel jewelry manufacturer

Mass Production

You will get the treasure you want to see through these working processes.After sample confirmation, mass production can proceed

Customizable Jewelry Types

Custom Stainless Steel Jewelry Series

Custom Stainless Steel necklace

Stainless Steel Necklace

Churinga Custom Jewelry

Custom Stainless Steel necklace

Custom Women's Necklace

Custom Women’s Necklace

Custom Necklaces

Custom Necklaces

Custom Men's Necklace

Custom Men’s Necklace

Custom Stainless Steel Women's Rings

Custom Women’s Rings

Stainless Steel Vintage Rings

Custom Men’s Ring

Stainless Steel Rings

Custom Diamond Rings

Stainless Steel Men's Bracelets

Custom Men’s Bracelet

Custom Stainless Steel Women's Bracelets

Custom Women’s Bracelet

Stainless Steel Bracelets

Custom Bracelet

Custom Men's Pendant

Custom Men’s Pendant

Custom Women's Pendants

Custom Women’s Pendants

Custom Pendants

Custom Pendants


Churinga Jewelry Design Draft

All You Need is a Dream and Our Jewelry Designers

Design Your Own
Sample production

Build the Custom Jewelry of Your Dreams

Make Your Dreams
Sample finished product

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