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Jewelry is a special item that is not only a beautiful decoration, but also has important symbolic significance. From jewelry to jewelry, from gold to silver or stainless steel jewelry, the design of each jewelry requires a complex process from design drafts to samples.

In this article on jewelry customization and manufacturing, Churinga jewelry factory introduces you to the process of producing jewelry in a jewelry factory, allowing you to better understand how jewelry is produced.

Initial Ideas

Firstly, the initial creativity of a jewelry comes from many sources, including customer needs, designer inspiration, or market trends. Designers often make simple sketches to document their initial ideas.

Communication of jewelry ideas
Communication of jewelry ideas

Design Drawings

Next, the designer will transform the initial ideas into more specific design drawings. Design drawings usually include various details, such as the size, color, material, etc. of jewelry. At this stage, designers also need to consider the production process of jewelry to ensure that they can be smoothly made.

3D Modeling

Designers usually use computer-aided design (CAD) software for 3D modeling after completing design drawings. This process will allow designers to better understand their designs and convert them into 3D printable files.

3D Drawing Of Churinga Jewelry
3D Drawing Of Churinga Jewelry
Churinga Jewelry Prototyping
Churinga Jewelry Prototyping


Before production, a prototype needs to be made to check the appearance and quality of the jewelry. Usually, designers use 3D printing technology to create prototypes to observe the appearance of jewelry from different angles. If the prototype needs to be modified, the designer can modify it by modifying the 3D file, and some small details can also be manually modified by the sculptor.

Pressing Mold

If the designer is satisfied with the prototype, they can start casting the silver version. After the silver plate is produced, our plate repairer will manually complete the uneven areas that need to be polished. The designer will check the details of the version, and after quality inspection, the silicone grinding tool can be pressed. Later, samples can be made or produced in batches.

Churinga Jewelry Mold
Churinga Jewelry Mold

Inverted Mold

After the silicone grinding tool is completed, we can proceed to the next step, wax injection. We will inspect the wax injected products and start planting wax trees. Then, we will mix different types of gypsum and pour them into wax tree cans, and exhaust them through machines. This requires the casting master to wait for several hours for the gypsum model to dry before entering the oven. Once the complete model is obtained, you can cast the product material you need. It can be copper, silver, or stainless steel.

Sample Production

We will hand over the inverted products to a specialist in sample making, which includes steps such as mold execution, polishing, inlay, electroplating and quality inspection, packing. So this requires experienced masters to ensure the quality of the samples.

In Your Hands

You will get the treasure you want to see through these working processes. We will send it to you by express so that you can receive the jewelry on time.

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