DWJZ0010 Double Snake Bead Stainless Steel Ring


Jewelry Material : Stainless Steel


MOQ : 12piece


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3. Other colors need to be plated
4. Other designs need to be customized

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Stainless Steel Cobra Ring

The cobra ring is made of stainless steel and is an eye-catching and captivating piece of jewelry inspired by the power and elegance of the cobra. This ring neck cobra exudes a sense of strength, confidence, and mystery.
Stainless steel material endows the ring with durability and elasticity, ensuring its long-lasting beauty and luster. The intricate details of cobra scales, fangs, and coiled bodies demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail in the design.
The Cobra Ring aims to evoke a sense of empowerment and transformation. It represents the ability to shed old skin and embrace a new beginning. Just as the cobra symbolizes rebirth and renewal, wearing this 316L stainless steel ring also reminds people to embrace personal growth and overcome challenges with resilience and determination.
The bold and fashionable design of the Stainless Steel Cobra Ring makes it a striking and personalized item. It adds an avant-garde and fearless feel to any outfit, whether worn for leisure or special occasions. Cobras appear on your fingers, symbolizing protection and strength, enabling you to confidently face obstacles in life.