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316L Stainless Steel Jewelry – The New Gold – No Longer Just for Men

Churinga Jewelry Factory meticulously crafts stainless steel jewelry using 316L surgical-grade stainless steel. While not considered a precious metal, it is far more durable than silver or platinum. This durability is due to the chemical bonding of the chromium coating with the steel. The invisible coating protects the underlying steel from oxidation (loss of luster and rusting). It also prevents scratches by enduring the initial impact and then resealing itself. This process, known as passivation, spontaneously forms a hard, non-reactive surface film that prevents further corrosion.

If stainless steel is better than silver, gold, and titanium, why is it more affordable? Simply because steel is more abundant than other metals. Our jewelry is meticulously crafted using advanced mechanical precision, with no flaws. Stainless steel jewelry is long-lasting and reasonably priced. It doesn’t rust, corrode, lose its luster, discolor, fade, or turn your skin green. Furthermore, it is low in allergenicity. Don’t be confused, not all stainless steel jewelry is the same. Lower-priced collections may not be made from the highest quality 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, resulting in jewelry that may not last as long. We only sell premium 316L surgical-grade stainless steel.

PVD Steel Jewelry

A process called ion plating (IP), also known as physical vapor deposition, is the most advanced surface treatment technology used in stainless steel jewelry today. This process gives jewelry a variety of color tones (gold, black, brown, copper tones, and blue being the most popular). During ion plating, a thin condensation layer, usually titanium nitride, is added to the base metal in vapor form. It deposits onto the steel, making the surface harder and brighter. Products treated with ion plating have been tested to be 8 times stronger than other plating methods (such as electroplating/electro-coating) and more durable.

Carbon Fiber Jewelry

Carbon fiber is used in many high-performance applications, from bicycles to BMWs. To create its unique appearance, carbon fiber threads are woven together like fabric and then sealed in plastic. It is super strong, lightweight, and highly resilient, making it an excellent material for stainless steel jewelry.

Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Tungsten carbide jewelry is now popular, especially in men’s jewelry. It is second only to diamonds in hardness, and its weight is double that of silver. With its strength, weight, and unique gray color, it is the preferred choice for men seeking a high-end look. Once polished, it will maintain a scratch-free appearance for decades. Tungsten carbide does not scratch, regardless of activity level. Our tungsten carbide bracelets come in a length of 9 inches but can be adjusted to smaller sizes, just like a watch strap.


Titanium is the least allergenic metal. It is used in almost all applications where strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight are required. Titanium is used for hip and knee replacements, as well as dental implants in medical implants. It is also used in jet engines, missiles, and mobile phones. It does not react to saltwater or chlorine ions, making it suitable for wearing in the ocean, lakes, or swimming pools. This is why it is also used in jewelry. Lightweight and resistant to dents, it is ideal for rings, especially wedding rings. Due to its low allergenicity, it is perfect for wearing earrings. And because of its lightweight, it is a great choice for both men and women to wear bracelets.

Natural titanium is a silver-white color similar to platinum. It also has striking black options. Black is not a coating. If you were to cut a black titanium ring in half, the color would be consistent throughout the entire ring.

In addition, we also provide various categories of stainless steel jewelry for both men and women.Stainless Steel Ring(Stainless Steel Gold Ring,Stainless Steel Skull Ring ,Stainless Steel Women’s Diamond Ring ,Stainless Steel Men’s Diamond Ring ,Stainless Steel Viking Ring,Stainless Steel Stone Ring,Stainless Steel Vintage Ring,Stainless Steel Animal Ring,Stainless Steel Masonic Ring,Stainless Steel Letter Ring)Stainiless Steel Pendant(Stainiless Steel Devil’s Eye Pendant,Stainless Steel Hip Hop Pendant,Stainless Steel Anchor Pendant,Stainless Steel Animal Pendant,Stainless Steel Glued Stone Pendant,Stainless Steel Cross Pendant,Stainless Steel Ladies Diamond Pendant,Stainless Steel Masonic Pendant,Stainless Steel Skull Pendant,Stainless Steel Viking Pendant,Stainless Steel Vintage Pendant,Stainless Steel Wire Cut Letter Pendant,Stainless Steel Wire Cut Pendant)Stainless Steel Necklace(Stainless Steel Baroque Necklace,Stainless Steel Multilayer Necklace,Stainless Steel Diamond Necklace,Stainless Steel Gold Necklace,Stainless Steel Letter Necklace,Stainless Steel Vintage Necklace,Stainless Steel Wire Cut Necklace)Stainless Steel Earring(Stainless Steel Ear Clip,Stainless Steel Baroque Earrings,Stainless Steel Fashion Earrings,Stainless Steel Letter Earrings,Stainless Steel Vintage Earrings).If there is still no product you are looking for among these accessories, please contact us, we will customize jewelry for you.

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