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Vintage Men's Gold Viking Ring
Vintage Men’s Gold Viking Ring

Men’s Viking Ring

Our men‘s Viking ring jewelry has a unique look and feel, so that each design is different and unique in nature. We like to combine classics with historical stories, making each of our designs create beautiful and unexpected surprises

Viking Celtic Knot Bear Claw Stainless Steel Ring

Viking Ring

Viking Ring status, wealth, loyalty, love, family, tribe and a sign of manhood and skill at battle. It was all of these things and more to a Viking. Their designs often included symbols from Norse mythology such as wolvesravens, snakes, dragons and bears.

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Viking Ring Collection

Viking Gold Ring

The Viking gold ring is added with IP electroplating process,which makes the style wear more layered,We use the full gold-plated and inter-gold process to make the product more unique and perfect.

Viking Wolf Ring

Stainless Steel Odin Nordic Viking Wolf Ring
This striking ring is inspired by Nordic mythology and the legend of Odin, the all-powerful god of thunder and war.

viking wolf ring can be shaped in the form of a wolf head or other parts of the wolf, or a wolf signet ring. As a spirit animal, the wolf symbolizes the deep connection between intuition and instinct, wisdom, desire for freedom and awareness of the importance of social relationships

Viking Raven Skull Ring

This Viking Raven Skull Ring with Vegvisir and Valknut is crafted from 316L Stainless Steel.
The ring has three interlocking triangles of valknut and
Compass on skull. There are two styles of this ring. Several effects have been done, old, electroplated black, and electroplated gold. The ring is very strong and fits comfortably on any finger. The material properties guarantee that the ring will not discolour, corrode or degrade over time.

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