Silver Jewelry Casting

Silver Jewelry Casting

Churinga Jewelry Factory specializes in professional silver casting services for jewelry stores and jewelry designers. Our services cater to both replicating favorite jewelry designs and creating unique custom pieces for your customers.

Copper & Silver Casting: A Reliable Method for Crafting High-Quality Jewelry Replicas

For many years, silver casting has been the go-to process for transforming designs created using CAD software into actual jewelry pieces. At Churinga Jewelry Factory, we meticulously oversee the silver casting process, ensuring the fidelity of the final product to your custom designs. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

Wax Mold Preparation and Casting
Based on the design, we carve or print wax models, which are then fixed onto wax rods or grouped together with other models using gates. These gates act as channels through which molten silver will flow into the gypsum mold.

Gypsum Investment
The wax models attached to the stems are placed in a flask and filled with a paste made of gypsum powder and other additives. After solidifying and hardening, the flask is placed in a special kiln where the wax melts and burns away, leaving behind a cavity—the gypsum mold.

Metal Melting
We melt silver or copper at very high temperatures, starting from 1615 degrees Fahrenheit, by adding different auxiliary materials based on the type of metal used.

The liquid metal is poured directly into the mold, utilizing various technologies such as centrifugal casting, vacuum-assisted casting, pressure casting, and torch casting. These techniques ensure even distribution of the metal and reach every intricate detail of the mold.

Cooling and Finishing
Once the silver has cooled and solidified, the casting is removed from the investment material. The gates of each casting are removed, and the castings are meticulously cleaned and polished to remove any defects.

Trust in Experienced Silver Casting Experts

The quality of the silver casting is crucial to the final product’s appearance. Poor-quality castings may exhibit issues such as porosity, shrinkage, fire spots, oxide inclusions, fractures, or cracks. Collaborating with experienced silver casting experts, such as our team at Churinga Jewelry Factory, ensures exceptional results.

We have extensive experience in silver casting and utilize the latest professional equipment to bring your designs to life. Our fast turnaround times, high-resolution replicas with silicone molds, and rigorous quality assurance processes set us apart from the rest.

Comprehensive Jewelry Manufacturing Services

Partnering with Churinga Jewelry Factory means accessing a wide range of valuable jewelry manufacturing services under one roof. In addition to silver casting, we offer:

Casting services for other precious metals like 18K gold, 14K gold, and 9K gold
Customized manufacturing services
5-day CAD service
Gem and diamond inlay services
Production and manufacturing services
Private label collection
Personal work coordinators to assist you throughout the entire production process
Choose Churinga Jewelry Factory as your one-stop-shop for all your jewelry manufacturing needs, and witness the growth of your business. Contact us today to learn how our services can benefit your jewelry store.

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